Indian Embassy in Qatar advises parents to stop waiting for afternoon shift


The afternoon system for Indian schools is “unlikely” to be approved by the relevant authorities, the Indian embassy on Thursday said, advising those affected by the unsuccessful initiative to make alternative arrangements.

On Thursday, the Indian embassy tweeted that “it is unlikely that approval will be accorded by the concerned authorities for Indian schools in Qatar to start afternoon shifts”.

“Please make alternative arrangements and do not continue to wait, in the hope that it will be approved,” it added.

Earlier this year, and as reported in the local media, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education allowed private schools, especially community schools, to run two shifts provided they complied with its directives.

Some Indian schools which received the go-ahead from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to start the second shift had started registration of the admission in afternoon shift for the academic year 2019-20 but after a while they put the admission procedure on hold asking the parents to wait for the final decision from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

By the end of February, The MES Indian School, which was one of the four to receive the go-ahead to start the second shift, posted on its social media platform that they had suspended the admission to the evening (second) shift and advised the parents to wait for further instructions from the ministry.

The Ideal Indian school had also posted on their official website that the “evening shift is on hold until further confirmation from the Ministry of Education. Registration and admission tests are being cancelled.”

Registration and admission tests were cancelled, putting parents, who had banked on the new system, in a quandary. According to parents, the schools returned the registration fees for admission for afternoon shifts.

Published on 20 April 2019

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