Indian engineer held in Doha for carrying medicines without prescription

Image for illustrative purpose only (Souce : Qatar MoI)

An Indian national who arrived at Doha’s Hamad International Airport on March 1, was detained by the local authorities for carrying medicines without a prescription.

According to Gulf Times, the young chemical engineer was also transferred to the Deportation Centre of the Criminal Investigation and Evidence Department (CIED).

Indian Embassy’s intervention

However, once the issue was brought to the attention of the Indian Embassy by the engineer’s employers, a global oil and gas company, Indian Ambassador Sanjiv Arora intervened and requested the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to look into the issue.

Subsequently, Indian Embassy officials headed by the deputy chief of mission R K Singh and a representative of the Indian Cultural Centre informed the Deportation Centre authorities about the developments.

Release after finding not guilty

After the intervention by the Indian Embassy, the MoI made a further review of the situation and its Drugs Enforcement Department was convinced of the issue and the innocence of the engineer.

Following this, the Drugs Enforcement Department released him from the Deportation Centre on March 5.

The young professional has also been given the permission to continue with his assignment with his employers.

Ambassador thanks Qatar authorities

Indian Ambassador Sanjiv Arora appreciated the assistance rendered by the Ministry of Interior officials in releasing the youth.

While thanking the MoI, the Indian ambassador appreciated its swift intervention to prevent the professional from being deported and settling the issue in just four days.

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– Published on 7 March 2016