Indian family caught after trying to flee UAE on forged passports

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A 27-year-old Indian executive is facing court proceedings in Dubai after trying to fly his family out of the UAE using forged passports.

  • The man claims that he had to go for a forged passport after a hospital made him sign a large sum as security cheque after his wife delivered a child in December and he failed to settle the hospital bill.

According to a report on Gulf News, when the cheque was returned for insufficient funds and the hospital reported the matter to the police, the man, in a desperate attempt to flee, paid Dh14,000 to a person who provided him with four forged Indian passports.

Airport officers stopped the man, his wife and two children and barred them from travelling after discovering that the four passports were forged.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of forging four passports and using them and forging entry and exit stamps of Dubai’s airport.

Suspect confesses

On Sunday, the suspect confessed before the presiding judge that he used the forged passports but insisted that a person residing abroad is the one who actually forged the travel documents.

When interrogated by prosecutors, the suspect was quoted as confessing: “Due to our desperate financial situation, I failed to pay the hospital bill following my wife’s delivery. I got sacked and my boss reported me absconding; the hospital had kept hold of my passport and they made me sign a security cheque until I settle the pending bill for my baby’s delivery.

“After I failed to pay, the hospital submitted the cheque to the bank and it bounced due to lack of sufficient funds. Then they reported the matter to the police, thereafter I had no other option but to run away from the country.

“In the meantime, I met with a person, who said he would get me forged passports for Dh20,000. I paid him Dh14,000 and then I met him in Ajman, where I provided him with all the required documents and photos.

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“Later he handed me four passports that bore different names. My wife, two children and I were stopped at the airport when the authorities discovered that the passports were forged.”

A ruling will be heard in the case on May 23.

Published on 19 March 2017

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