Indian in UAE gets 1 year jail for anti-Islamic Facebook status


A court in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced an Indian national to one year in jail for posting a “blasphemous and slanderous” status on social networking site Facebook.

The Dubai Court of First Instance found the 41-year-old man SG guilty of cursing Islam and the Prophet Mohammed in his status update on Facebook after he watched a video about the Iraq war in July last year, various media reports from UAE says.

SG was reported to police by an Indian salesman, SF after he received a WhatsApp message with a screen shot of the post.

“Once I saw the message, I reported it to police,” said SF, 24.

During interrogations, SG confessed to posting insults after watching the footage. No details were given on the content of the video.

Reports shown in court noted that SG’s mobile phone had the Facebook app which was logged into the same account where the insulting messages were posted.

Judge Ezzat Abdul Lat said the defendant would be deported after serving his jail term. The court ruling can be challenged in a higher court within 15 days.

Similar incidents

Improper usage of social media is becoming a growing concern among Indians worldwide.

Recently, a teacher at MES School and a driver in Ras Laffan were fired from jobs and two weeks back an Indian youth was beaten up by a crowd in Safari Mall, all due to nature of their Facebook posts.

After the youth was beaten up at Safari Mall, Qatar’s Ministry of Interior had called up a meeting of Indian community organisations to discuss about these incidents.

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