Indian passports in UAE will be issued within eight days

The time required for processing of Indian passports in UAE has been cut down significantly, officials from Indian missions in UAE said on Sunday.

Issuance of Indian passports will now be done within five to eight working days maximum, Indian consul passports Sandeep Chowdhary told Gulf News.

In the last one month more than 35 staff members worked round the clock and on weekdays to process 36,000 pending passports to clear the backlog and achieve parity between application and processing, Chowdhury said.

Delay due to phasing out of handwritten passports

After the Indian government had announced phasing out of handwritten passports, there was a scramble for machine-readable passports, causing a backlog.

Earlier, Indian expatriates had complained that new passports were taking up to two months.

“The Indian Consul-General Anurag Bhushan was very keen to streamline the passport processing systems and we at the consulate were struggling to clear pending applications,” Chowdhury said.

“While passports that were originally issued in Dubai required a week of processing time, all other passports issued anywhere else, be it India or any other Indian mission [abroad], took a maximum of 60 working days although we always aimed at giving these passports within 45 days,” he continued.

“Our staff worked tirelessly, even on weekends, to close this gap and were successful. From now on all passports, no matter where they were issued can be renewed within eight working days, provided they are the normal applications with no special verifications required,” he added.

How the process works

Once an application is made for a new passport at BLS, the official agency for handling passport applications, the applications, after a thorough check, are sent to the Indian mission.

The passport staff then cross-references the information and documents based on the existing information it has and also looks for any accidental clerical errors in name or address that may have crept in.

Once everything is in place, the government of India issues the new document. Every month the Indian Consulate issues 16,000 to 18,000 new passports.

If Indian expatriates in the UAE still face interminable delays they can write to Sandeep Chowdhury on: [email protected]

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