Indian who bought D5 number plate now pays AED 4.5 million for mobile number

Dubai-based Indian businessman Balwinder Sahni, who made the headlines last year for buying the famous ‘D5’ Dubai car plate for a whopping AED 33 million, has just paid more AED 4.5 (approx Rs 8 crores) million for an exclusive mobile number.

Balwinder Sahani forked out Dh4,520,000 to buy the du number 058-8888888 during an auction held on Saturday at Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre.

“I went with the aim to buy this number. I only wanted this number so it’s the only one I bought. I never have limits when I want something, especially when it is for charity,” Sahni told local newspaper Khaleej Times.
However, despite buying the phone number, he can’t use the number because people keep ringing it.

“I can never use this number. I got it in my hands at 8.30pm today and until now, in the last two hours, I’ve received 1,000 calls,” he told the daily.

Balwinder hit the headlines in October last year when he successfully bid for the costly Dubai vehicle number plate at the Road and Transport Authority auction. He spent a further $272,000 on another number plate, at the same auction.

He told Al Arabiya English he had so far spent about Dh100 million on his cars and telephone numbers.
But he claims his spendthrift ways are not for publicity sake. “I did not get the special number for publicity sake. It is my passion, and as charity, I enjoy it.”

“How can people judge me? Let them come and meet me and know who I am as a person,” he said at the time.

UAE telecom firm du raised over Dh7.4 million in an auction of 50 special mobile phone numbers, including from the introduction of the first, exclusive 058 888 8888 number, which raised over Dh4.5 million.

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