Here are the Indian Schools in Doha to raise fees this year


As frequent increase in tuition fees remains a major burden for a large number of Indian parents in Qatar, several Indian schools have decided to raise their tuition fee.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education had granted permission to 55 private schools and kindergartens to raise their fees by two to seven percent during the 2016-2017 academic year.

According to a report on the Qatar Tribune, these are the Indian schools that have got permission to increase fee:

  • DPS Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS) – Annual increase of QR 500 per student.
  • Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS) – Annual increase of 6% fee per student.
  • Olive International School – Annual increase of QR 500 per student.
  • Ideal Indian School – Annual increase of QR 500 per student.

Parents concerned about fee hikes

Many parents have expressed concern over frequent fee hikes, a number of whom are yet to be informed about the latest increase.

Even though the schools say parents have been informed, parents of children studying in most of these schools have reportedly not received an official communication from the school authorities in this regard.

The increased fees are effective from April 1 this year, according to the school officials.

Since the fee for first term has been already collected, the schools will collect the difference in fee along with the second term fee.

Schools say increase is not enough

Officials of many Indian schools, which have been allowed to hike the fees this year, say the hike is not substantial enough to meet their growing expenses.

A top official of DPS-MIS said that the permission for an annual hike of QR500 per student is far below the amount the school had applied for to meet its growing expenses.

“The hike is too little to meet our expenses. The additional annual cost we incur on increasing salaries of staff and teachers, rents of staff accommodation and school maintenance cannot be met with this kind of fee hike,” the official said.

Ideal Indian School Principal Syed Shoukath Ali said he expected granting of a much bigger hike in fees given the fact that the school got Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) recently.

“Fees at Ideal Indian School are the lowest among all the Indian schools in Qatar. Even the newest of Indian schools have much higher fees compared to us. Despite this we got permission for an annual increase of QR500 per student. This will not serve our purpose,” Ali said.

DMIS Principal Rakesh Singh Tomar said the permitted fee hikes will not be enough to meet the school’s growing expenses.

Principals of other prominent Indian schools like Birla Public School and Bhavans Public School, however, said that there will be no fee hikes in their schools in the current academic year.

A total of 162 schools and KGs have sought permission to hike their fees during the next academic year but majority of the requests- 66 per cent- were rejected because they failed to fulfil the required standards and conditions, Hamad bin Mohamed Al Ghali, PSO director said in a statement released earlier.

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  1. Before increasing the fees, they should atleast ask the government here in Qatar if there is any increase in the salary of the parents and secondly if the increase in fees is helping the teachers who work so hard is also in getting a benefit or just the school or Indian government benefitting out it.

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