Indian schools in Qatar to have extra-long summer vacation


Students of Indian Schools in Qatar are all set to embark on the longest-ever summer holiday in recent times this year – from July 1 to September 18.

According to Qatar Tribune, the almost 80-day-long summer vacation is unprecedented for Indian schools as it generally lasts from the first week of July till the first week of September.

Eid Al Adha holidays included

The reason for the extra long vacation is the inclusion of Eid Al Adha holidays.

This year, Eid Al Adha is expected to be on September 12 or 13 (depending on moon sightings). So the Eid holidays will last until September 17 and schools are expected to re-open on September 18.

Earlier, students of Indian schools used to join school in the first week of September for over two weeks of classes and then again go on a week-long Eid Al Adha vacation.

Supreme Education Council decision

Since Eid will fall approximately 11 days earlier in September this year, the erstwhile Supreme Education Council had decided to club Eid holidays with summer vacation for students.

All schools in Qatar open on September 18 as the country has unified summer holiday schedule. However no directives were issued by the SEC as to when summer holidays will begin.

With Indian schools unanimously deciding to close on July 1 for summer vacation, students of these schools will have a longer vacation this year.

Teachers however are expected to return to work on September 4 in most of the Indian schools.

What schools are saying

“As per my knowledge, this is the longest-ever summer holiday for students of any Indian school in Qatar,” Birla Public School Principal AK Shrivastava told Qatar Tribune.

In previous years, he said, summer vacations rarely stretched beyond 65 days even for students.

Agreeing with Shrivastava, DPS-MIS Principal Asna Nafees said,”This is the longest summer vacation for students ever since I joined DPS-MIS almost six years ago. I would like my students to take advantage of the longer vacation by engaging themselves in some humanitarian activities back home.”

AJ George, Principal of Olive International School which opened in September last year, said students will be given holiday homework to keep them engaged with academic activities during the long vacation.

Unlike other Indian schools, Bhavan’s Public School is considering a longer summer vacation for teachers as well. A senior official of the school said the school may allow its teachers to return along with students on September 18 after celebrating Onam festivities in India.

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