Indians in Kuwait advised to comply with residency, visa laws

This post was originally published on 10 May 2016.

India has advised its nationals residing in Kuwait to comply with local residency and visa laws as a number of expatriates have been arrested for overstaying and other violations.

“Some expatriates have been arrested in Kuwait due to overstaying their residence visas and for other violations. Furthermore, there are reports about expatriates holding domestic worker visa being arrested as they were working in construction/private sectors, in violation of residency/visa rules,” the Indian Embassy in Kuwait said in a statement.

“It is, therefore, incumbent upon all those holding Kuwaiti employment visa not to violate rules and regulations of Kuwait to stay legally in the country,” the embassy statement said.

Embassy advises Indians to keep their IDs

The Indian embassy in Kuwait has also advised Indians to keep their Civil ID (or Passport) with them for showing to the security officials during security checks.

According to the embassy, it will continue to issue travel documents (Emergency Certificates) to Indians facing deportation, particularly to those whose passport could not be retrieved from their sponsors.

“During the last four months (January – April 2016), a total of 2,220 Emergency Certificates (Travel Documents) were issued by the Indian Embassy to facilitate repatriation of Indian nationals in detention in Kuwait.

The Embassy would continue to assist Indian nationals overstaying in Kuwait for their repatriation by issuing travel documents (Emergency Certificates),” the statement said.

The number of Indians living legally in Kuwait has crossed 800,000, the largest expatriate community in the Arab country, according to the figures released by the Indian embassy last year.

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