Indians in UAE told not to spread false information

Indian expats in the UAE have been advised to refrain from circulating false information among the community.

The appeal came from the Indian Consulate in Dubai on Thursday after the mission was flooded with queries seeking confirmation of the purported visit of the Indian External Affairs Minister (EAM) to Dubai on October 14.

“The Consulate General of India clarifies that no ministerial visits, including that of EAM, is scheduled on 14th October, 2016,” the mission said in a statement.

“Any information circulating amongst the Indian community in the UAE in this regard is baseless. The Indian community members are requested to desist from circulating false propaganda amongst the community,” the statement added.

The consulate also informed that any organisation requiring the participation of dignitaries from India (for any functions here) can contact the Consulate or Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi while forwarding such requests to India.

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