International Apparel and Textile Fair to take place in Dubai

The 6th edition of the International Apparel and Textile Fair (IATF) is set to take place on 8, 9 and 10 April 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

IATF 6th edition attracts Turkish exhibitors

This edition garnered the support of the Istanbul Ready-Made Garment Exporters’ Association (IHKIB), an organization that aims to enhance the apparel exports of Turkey by having its members participate in trade related activities.

In line with this, various exhibitors from Turkey are going to showcase their products at the International Apparel and Textile Fair for three days this April.

The Turkish exhibitors will showcase diverse products including intimate apparels, thermal wears, nightwear, swimwear, sportswear, lingerie, corsets, undergarments and loungewear.

A majority of the Turkish exhibitors specialize in homewear and lingerie, thus it is expected to have a huge selection of these during the event. Since the beginning of this millennium, the lingerie market in the Middle-East started to rise. International brands started opening shops in different areas in the region. Market research shows that women in Arab countries wear western manufactured lingerie, breaking the stereotype.

Some Turkish exhibitors to look forward to during the event are Mendo, Anil, Nurteks, Bondy, Iberya, Shirly, Sevim and many more. The exhibitors will cater to men, women and children’s apparel and textile needs.

Aside from the Turkish exhibitors, more exhibitors are coming from different countries around the globe. As of date, there are confirmed various exhibitors coming from all around the Asian region including China, India, Korea, Japan, and Pakistan.

A number of exhibitors are coming from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the US. The number of confirmed exhibitors increases each day. Nihalani Events Management, organizer of International Apparel and Textile Fair, expects to have more than 100 exhibitors during this April edition.

International Apparel and Textile Fair is a bi-annual event being organized to provide exhibitors a platform to showcase their collections to new and established retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.  It allows exhibitors to build brand identity and drive higher sales.

The event also opens opportunity for buyers, distributors and designers to view a large range of fabric from the most prestigious textile mills all over the world – all under one roof. IATF further showcases print studio collections, machineries, home textiles and accessories and trims.

For a list of IATF exhibitors this April, please visit official website.

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