Interview: How a balloon unites the world!

Recently, we were honored to get in touch with with a renowned international artist called IMPREINT whose works have been making the rounds on the Internet.

The project ‘Portraits’ is based on a very simple concept: the artist painted 1000 balloons a few years ago. While painting them, his concept was that the paintings were like people: all different, imperfect yet all beautiful.

He started the project Portraits in December 2013 and involves and unifies people from all over the world with this simple concept -balloons!

Portraits will run for a full year and is a project in which anyone and everyone can participate! All you have to do is submit a photograph of yourself holding a balloon, and you can do this either via the main IMPREINT site at or on the artist’s Facebook page.

Portraits by IMPREINT 1

Here are some excerpts from our e-mail interview with the artist

Q. You have done exhibitions all over the world. Any plans for bringing your exhibition to Doha?

A. I’m looking for presenting an exhibition in the Middle East. Qatar is one of the places that I’m considering for it’s strong program in favor of art.

IMPREINT Portraits Doha

Q. How can our readers be part of this project?

A. Anyone can take part of ‘Portraits’, it’s enough to send a picture holding a balloon.

Q. Do you accept all the photos sent to you (with a balloon) or is there any criteria?

A. Criteria for ‘Portraits’ are simple, one person with one plain balloon. All the pictures can be sent in any case to Facebook page or via email at [email protected]

Q. Any other info that you would like to share?

A. Collaborations and social impact were one of my priorities since the begin.  Whoever feels connected to what I’m doing can contact me and participate in one of the public programmes that I’m running like ‘Save Me‘ that is addressed to art and children.

Do make sure to participate in this happy project and connect with thousands of people around the world !

Special thanks to : Napsugár Budai
Images courtesy of the artist.

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