No more flight delays, Jet Airways starts using UAE airspace to fly to Doha

India’s Jet Airways has started using UAE airspace to operate its daily flights to Doha, right after UAE clarified that the ban on air space is valid only for Qatari-owned airlines, aircrafts or to companies registered in Qatar.

A Jet Airways spokesperson told Arabian Business that they have received permission from GCAA to use UAE airspace for all its Doha-bound flights, thereby saving considerable time and fuel.

Last week, Indian carriers such as Jet, IndiGo and Air India Express said their scheduled flights to and from Doha were re-routed via Pakistan and Iran after some countries severed diplomatic ties with Qatar.

The re-routing had increased flying time by up to 90 minutes for some flights.

An IndiGo spokesperson said the airline is continuously monitoring the situation on a day-to-day basis.

After the clarification, other Indian airlines like Air India Express and IndiGo are also likely to start using the regular route soon, thereby saving time and fuel.

However, Qatar Airways flights to India are likely to continue using the longer route via Iran, Pakistan airspace.
Earlier UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) said non-Qatari private and chartered flights are allowed to fly to Doha using UAE airspace.

In a statement issued by WAM, eligible companies are required to obtain the necessary approval prior to using UAE airspace.
Private companies and other airlines will be required to submit their requests to the GCAA at least 24 hours in advance, and provide the list of names and nationalities of crew, passengers, and cargo carried by aircraft.

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  1. Flights leaving Qatar, no matter which airline, cannot land in UAE. The clarification is only for use of airspace and so any flights other than those owned and operated by Qatari entities can fly OVER UAE

    1. Hi Rohit, Jet Airways from Doha is going direct to India. If you need to go to Dubai, you need to go via Kuwait or Oman.

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