Keep Qatar clean or be ready to pay these fines


The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP) has urged residents, through its Twitter account, to maintain cleanliness in the country.

Violations of the law on general cleanliness entail fines include:

  • QR 100 for washing vehicles or goods in an undesignated area
  • QR 100 for throwing remains of food in public places or in front of houses
  • QR 100 for throwing dirty water on the street
  • QR 200 for spitting on public roads or pavements and littering
  • QR 300 for spreading carpets or washed clothes on balconies overlooking roads
  • QR 400 for dumping animal excreta on roads or pavements
  • QR 500 for throwing garbage bags outside designated trash bins
  • QR 500 for abandoning vehicles on the street
  • QR 500 for spilling sewage water on roads

Fines for some violations can go up to QR 5,000 and repeat offenders will have to pay QR 10,000.

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