Kerala proposes pension plan for NRI women

This post was originally published on 17 January 2015.

Kerala Women’s Commission (KWC) is planning to introduce a pension scheme for Indian women working in GCC countries, reports Times of Oman.

Quoting Dr. Prameela Devi J, a member of the commission, the reports say that KWC is conducting a detailed study about the problems faced by Indian women in the Gulf, especially the low-income earning domestic workers, as part of a long-term plan to introduce a contributory pension scheme for them.

In co-operation with the Non-Resident Keralites Association (Norka), KWC plans a comprehensive study, which is one of the many strategies planned to improve the welfare of South Indian woman in the GCC, especially those in the lower-income brackets, who face a bleak future once they return home after working there for many years.

The initial study reveals that women from the lower-income group often return home empty-handed. The plan is to start a contributory pension scheme for them after studying an ongoing contributory pension scheme for overseas Keralites, says the official.

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