Kidney Stones: Keeping Them At Bay

Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are solid masses made of crystals. Originating from the kidneys, they can develop in the urinary tract. Kidney stones are known to be one of the most painful medical conditions

Kidney Stones

Risk Factors

Kidney Stone Risk Factors

Two golden dietary rules to curb the formation of kidney stones

Kidney Stone 1

Curb the use of these culprits to curb kidney stones

Kidney Stones 2

List of Food Items

Cereals• Rice
• Wheat
• Rawa
• Sabudana
• Arrowroot
× Ragi
× Bajra
× Oats
× Corn
× Refined flour & its products
Pulses• Turdal
• Moongdal
× Rajmah
× Horsegram
× Soyabean
× Bengal Gram
× Legumes
× Sprouts
Vegetables• All gourd vegetables such as bottle gourd, etc
• All root vegetables such as potato, sweet potato, arrowroot, etc
• Cucumber
• Cabbage
× Brinjal
× Lady finger
× Tomato
× Carrot
× Green chilly
× Curry leaves
× Mushrooms
× Green peas
× Green leafy vegetables
× Drumsticks
Fruits• All other fruits× Guava
× Black currant
× Dates
× Apricot
× Bananas
Non-Vegetarian• Meat & Poultry
• Fish
× Red meats such Mutton muscle, beef, pork, etc
× Eggs
× Fatty fish
Milk & Milk Products• Cow’s Milk
• Thin Buttermilk
× Buffalo milk
× Skimmed Milk Powder
× Paneer
× Cheese
Nuts× Almonds,
× Cashew nuts,
× Garden cress,
× Sesame seeds
× Groundnut
× Raisins
Sugar• Moderate Consumption of not more than 3 teaspoons/day× Heavy Consumption
Miscellaneous Food Items× Vitamin C foods such as Amla
× Spices such as cloves, cumin and asafoetida
× Chocolate & other cocoa products
× Alcoholic Beverages
× Tobacco
Non-alcoholic Beverages× More than 2-3 serving of tea & coffee
× Sweetened fruit juices
× Fruit syrups & squashes
Supplements× Calcium, Vitamin C & Vitamin D rich
× Antacids & Corticosteroids

This is a guest post by Khyati Rupani, an accomplished dietitian and founder of Balance Nutrition.

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