Kuwait bans recruiting expat graduates and diploma holders under 30

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The Manpower Public Authority (PAM) of Kuwait has issued a decision to stop recruitment of expats under the age of 30 holding diplomas and above. The new decision will be applied starting from 2018.

This is to guarentee that Kuwait is not recruiting any freshers in professional categories, which will lead to increase in marginal workers.

The decision also stated those who are above this age will not be permitted to upgrade their certificates unless they leave the country.

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PAM also implement a ceiling for workers in some professions and marginal jobs that can be replaced by modern technologies.

The ministries will be asked to reduce the percentage of contracts for security guards and cleaning workers. The Authority indicated the number of government contracts was 2,274 and the number of workers registered on those contracts is 447,077 workers.

Published on 8 November 2017
Source: Arab Times

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