Kuwait: Five-year limit on expats’ residency recommended

This post was originally published on 8 April 2019 and the content may be outdated.

Kuwait’s higher committee for tackling the demographic structure has recommended to the Kuwaiti government to impose a five-year cap on the stay of expatriates in the country, according to Kuwait Times.

The committee recommended to the council of ministers to issue a decision stipulating that expatriates who arrive in the country after the decision takes effect will be forced to leave the country after five years.

Under the proposal, expatriates will not be allowed to stay in the country after the completion of the five years under any circumstances.

The new measure, if approved, will be the harshest step against expatriates, who have faced strict government measures during the past few years.

MPs have repeatedly made proposals to limit the stay of expatriates in the country as a means to restructure the demographic balance in the country, which is massively tilted in favour of expatriates, who number more than three million against just 1.4 million Kuwaitis.

MPs have also called for dismissing expats from government posts to create jobs for nationals.

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