Kuwait looks to ban expats from public sector jobs

This post was originally published on 31 October 2016 and the content may be outdated.

A special report on adjusting Kuwait’s population has reportedly recommended suspending the recruitment of expats in the public sector.

Local publication Al-Rai cited sources at the Supreme Planning Council’s secretariat general as saying expats should be suspended from public sector roles with the exception of those requiring rare specialisations.

Other recommendations included stricter policies relating to absconders, travel bans and deportation and the building of labour cities to house expats in order to control the population.
The sources also called for limiting the number of marginal expat labourers and recruiting only skilled and experienced expat workers.

Expats make up an estimated 70 per cent of the country’s 4.3 million population.

The Kuwaiti government has been seeking to rebalance the population, with recent measures including a higher minimum salary requirement to issue workers with family visas.

In 2013, it introduced a law to cut the country’s foreign workforce by half by 2020 and therefore reduce its reliance on foreign workers. Kuwaitis also fear the country’s culture is being lost to foreign influences.

Last year it banned expats over the age of 50 from finding employment there.

Among the latest recommendations, Kuwait could deport expats that lose their job and recruit only skilled and experienced expats who could benefit Kuwait.

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