After Qatar, Kuwait plans to replace residency stickers with cards

This post was originally published on 22 May 2016.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) is currently considering a new project involving issuing a residency card instead of residency stickers affixed on expats’ passports.

The new card would include all information about sponsors and holders and would be given on getting or renewing residency visas, Al-Rai daily quoted Major General Talal Maarafi, Director of the ministry’s Residency Affairs Department as having said.

This will in turn overcome a number of obstacles, including the phenomenon of sponsors keeping the passports of expatriates under their custody.

No stickers will be placed in the passports, which will in turn save the pages of the passports especially since officials sometimes do not find free pages in the passports to place the stickers.

“This way, passport pages will not be used up by residency stickers in a short time,” he underlined.

Major General Marafi said measures will be taken to guarantee the rights of the sponsor by banning expatriates from leaving the country without presenting their residency cards to ensure the approval of their sponsors, adding that such cards will ensure Kuwait’s commitment to the recommendations of international organizations.

Last year, Qatar had introduced residence cards instead of residency stickers affixed in the passport.

Travellers who are given these residence cards are required to carry them in addition to their passports while entering and exiting the country.

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