Minimum speed limit on UAE motorways to be increased

UAE traffic authorities have decided to increase the minimum speed on motorways to tackle traffic jams caused by motorists driving too slow ,a report on Emirates|247 says.

The Federal Traffic Council approved the increase at its recent meeting after it found that the margin between the maximum and minimum speed limits is too big, the council’s chairman and Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Major-General, Mohammed Al Zafin said, quoted by ‘Emarat Al Youm’ daily.

Sheikh Zayed Road’s minimum speed should be 100 km/h

One of the roads to be affected is Sheikh Zayed Road, he said and added that a 60kmph minimum speed limit on this road is too low.

“We have decided that the margin between the maximum and minimum speed limits must not exceed 20kmph.

“The proposal now is to increase the minimum speed limits on those roads to 100kmph,” he said.

“We have found that the existing margin is very big and this is causing traffic jams as some drivers believe they can drive at 60kmph on a road with a maximum speed of 140kmph.”

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