Ministry of Interior issues safety tips against home thefts

A post by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior on the social media page urges residents to pay more attention whiling going out and to provide some tips to keep burglars away, while you are away on long trips.
The post outlines the following points :

  • Burglary or breaking in houses is sometimes a crime of opportunity where the burglars exploit negligence of occupants or their absence from houses for long trips or other reasons.
  • The sense of security prevailing in the country prompts some not to pay much attention to secure home by locking doors and windows properly at day time and night and while going out. Ensure all house entrances are secure.
  • Installing CCTV, motion sensing security systems and other alarms systems like electronic door are good for ensuring house security, but remember they are not enough unless you are vigilant.
  • In some cases, over trusting house workers also may cause of thefts in houses. So it’s secure not to keep your valuable items and large amounts in way easily accessible to others.
  • Remember not to employ workers violating Residence Law such as absconding or illegal workers or those not in your sponsorship.
  • Be vigilant of any suspicious persons nearby your house or apartment and report to police in case of any suspicious activity.

These safety tips become more relevant after the recent arrest of four women who used to steal jewellery and money from residential flats.

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