Najma Street reopens after signal works


A nearly 1km stretch of Najma Street connecting C-Ring Road with D-Ring Road was reopened to traffic following a major upgrade.

While the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) had earlier announced that the temporary closure would last 45 days, the work has been completed way ahead of schedule, in just around 25 days, Gulf Times has reported.

Signal replaces roundabout

Ashghal implemented the closure, in both directions, from the Al Mansoura intersection (Gulf Cinema signal) to Al Nuaija intersection (The Mall signal).

This was done to convert the roundabout near Woqod fuel station into a signallised intersection and add a third lane to Najma Street on this stretch.

Welcoming the reopening, some residents – who also lauded the completion of work in such a short period – said whether the addition of a lane each on either side of the busy street and conversion of the roundabout into a signallised intersection have a positive effect on traffic movement in the area would become clear after the reopening of schools in the first week of September.

Major relief for commuters and residents

The temporary closure of the road, which is used by thousands every day, had forced commuters to find alternative routes and also led to changes in key bus routes. It also had an adverse effect on several establishments on the eastern side of Al Hilal.

Among those affected were some medical centres as well as the Woqod fuel station, which is located around halfway down the stretch. The reopening of the road, say residents, would be a major relief for them.

Along with commuters and business establishments, residents of houses along both sides of the road also faced some difficulties in the closure period and had to make alternative travel arrangements.

Reopening of two lanes at the Gulf Cinema signal

Meanwhile, another key development was the reopening of two lanes at the Gulf Cinema signal along C-Ring Road, which can be used to turn left towards Najma Street or make a U-turn. This will facilitate the movement of vehicles coming from the Toyota signal and heading towards The Mall signal.

It is also understood that the stretch of Najma Street between The Mall signal and the intersection where it joins F-Ring Road would soon be partially closed for widening and installation of two traffic signals.

The new signals will come up between The Mall and Al Thumama and between Al Thumama and the intersection where the street joins F-Ring Road.

The new signals are expected to facilitate better traffic movement from areas within the Old Airport and Rawdah areas to F-Ring Road, which is part of the East-West Corridor.

Source : Gulf Times article by Ramesh Mathew

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