New mobile app launched for Indians in Gulf countries

This post was originally published on 9 January 2016.

MigCall, an android based mobile application, which instantly saves helpline numbers in smartphones and link with the Indian embassy, was launched by Indian Ambassador to Oman Indra Mani Pandey on Friday.

The new mobile application will help Indian workers in all GCC countries to seek assistance whenever needed, particularly in an emergency situation.

The mobile app ‘MigCall’ [Android OS, file size 2.8 MB] is available at Google Playstore in various Indian languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali and English.

When a user registers his home country as India and host country, then, five main helpline numbers available in the host country will be saved in addition to five helpline numbers belonging to India.

The main feature of this mobile app is that it can be used offline in absence of internet connection. Once downloaded, the app will automatically save 10 Helpline numbers in the call list.

In addition to helpline numbers, the app also provides helpline numbers of passport services, counseling services, local police numbers and hospital numbers.

Notably it also provides a facility to send an SOS message to an emergency number, chosen by the user, in an emergency situation.

This app will also provide GPS location to its nearest Indian Embassy office. The app is also being developed to help migrants from other South Asian countries.

The app was conceived by Rejimon K, an Indian journalist in Oman and materialised by Jose Chacko, an Indian businessman.

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