New underground parking opens at Souq Waqif

Visitors to Doha’s Souq Waqif has some good news as the multi-level underground car parking facility opens today. Despite having a few dedicated car parking areas, parking at Souq Waqif has always been a nightmare for visitors.

There are long queues to enter and exit the Souq, especially during weekends. With the opening of the new parking facility, a trip to the Souq is expected to be a lot easier.


• A total area of 113,500sqm, the car park includes three levels.
• It can accommodate up to 2,000 cars at a time.
• The new underground parking facility is equipped with 17 elevators and four entrances and exits.
• It has three subways, two of which lead to the Souq and one linked to the Corniche.
A large green area has been developed above this facility with services such as a public park, sitting areas, fountains, restaurants and an open-air theatre.


The facility is located beneath the ground overlooking the Corniche where the headquarters of the Capital Police once stood. There are already two parking slots, one towards Musherib, and the other opposite the Fanar Mosque, which can together accommodate nearly 740 cars at a time.

Besides, the Souq Najada car parking facility can accommodate 600 cars. Visitors can also use the underground parking facility across Souq Waqif near Emiri Diwan which can accommodate 750 cars at a time.

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