No more 6-month ban for employees in UAE

Effective January 2016, there will be no six months ban if services are terminated in mutual agreement between the employer and employee, Arabic daily Al Bayan has reported.

According to the Ministry of Labour, employees will be allowed new work permits to join another facility immediately, even if the employee has not completed two years at the first facility.

Not applicable to level IV and V workers who have not completed 6 months

However, the Ministry confirmed that workers under level IV and V who have not completed six months with the first establishment will be excluded from this rule.

The new rule is part of the new resolutions issued by Labour Minister Saqr Ghobash in September and which will be effective in January.

The ministry has completed procedures for implementation of the resolutions beginning next year, the report added.

What’s going to change

Currently workers who terminate their service through consensus and have completed two years are also not allowed to move to another facility immediately.

They are allowed to join another job only after a period of six months from the date of cancellation of the work permit.

As per the new resolution, workers will be granted new work permits immediately beginning January, as long as both the parties fulfil the conditions agreed upon in the labour contract signed between them.

According to a senior official at the Ministry, last year 340,000 workers who ended their service at one job could not get new work permits because they had not completed two years and the labour market thus could not benefit from experiences and skills.

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