No more grace periods, WPS comes into effect today


The Wage Protection System (WPS) that makes it mandatory for employers to transfer salaries to workers’ accounts in one of the financial institutions in Qatar comes into effect on Monday.

According to the amended labour law, company owners not transferring workers’ wages electronically in time will be liable to face a jail term not exceeding a month or a fine of QR2,000 to QR6,000 or both.

A ministerial decision on WPS says that employees’ salaries must be transferred to their bank accounts by the seventh day of every month.

No more grace periods

On 18 February, 2015, the ministry had allowed six months grace period for companies to implement the system. However, as many companies were unable to implement it by 18 August, the launch date was further postponed to November 2.

Labour and Social Affairs Minister HE Abdullah Saleh Mubarak al-Khulaifi recently said there will be no extension of the grace period and the system will be enforced from November 2.

The minister has been authorised to frame and enforce executive regulations to help implement its provisions.

The law suggests that not only wages but all types of payments, including allowances and perks, must be paid to workers only electronically.

The Labor Ministry said earlier that WPS will allow it to create a national database that would record wage payments in the private sector and guarantee timely and full payment to workers.

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  1. applications still pending with bank. ATM cards still not ready. how can we make sif file and what about those employees whose accounts not ready or on leave at out of country ?

  2. Just wanted to get a clearity on people who are on business visit and are working in qatar from past 6 mths. and not paid salary on time. Also if their RP is not created where can the complain be done.

    • Dear Amit, Technically, Business Visa is issued for short term contract works only. The sponsor company is not obliged to convert Business Visa into Work Visa. So the worker cannot complain regarding the RP. Unfortunately, it is difficult to complain regarding salary payment, as there has to be a valid work contract and proof of payment (which most people would not have). Legal procedures are time taking and it is difficult to get a verdict within short duration. If this company is so irresponsible and doesn’t pay on time, try not to continue with them.

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