No photos please ! Qatar to criminalise taking photos of accident victims

Taking or sharing pictures of any deceased or injured in road accidents without consent will soon become a criminal offence under the Qatari law.

The State Cabinet yesterday approved a draft law amending some provisions of Law Number 11 of 2004 which contains Qatar’s criminal or penal code. Qatar News Agency (QNA) reports:

The proposed amendment aims mainly to punish anyone who captures or transmits pictures of the deceased or injured in accidents without the consent of their representatives, through devices of any kind.

Amending laws to cope with new technologies

The penal code needs to be amended to list new offences and specify punishments, as it is made necessary by newer and emerging technologies.

A good example is how recently cybercrimes have been made a punishable offence.

Taking photographs using mobile phone cameras was, for instance, not a practice in 2004 when the criminal code was issued, so it being listed in the penal code as an offence now.

Earlier, Ministry of Interior had encouraged people to click photographs of traffic violations and forward them to Metrash2. The practice was criticised by many, whom claimed that it could lead to invasion of privacy.

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