Now Indians can get online visa to Bahrain


Travelling to Bahrain has been made easier for Indians with recent changes in policy that came to existence yesterday (1st Oct 2014). Indian Passport holders can obtain a 14 days online visa before visiting the Gulf nation.

E-visas can be obtained ahead of travel through a simple online application process, making the process of travelling to the country practical and convenient, for both business and leisure.

If you are an Indian with valid Residence Permit for a GCC country, you are eligible for the following visa types:

  • Ordinary Visa for 7 days (on arrival in Bahrain)
  • e-Visa for 3 or 7 days (to be applied online)
  • Causeway visa for 3 or 7 days (issued at the border on the causeway from Saudi Arabia)
  • Visit e-Visa for 14 days (to be applied online)

If you are an Indian without any other visa, you are eligible for:

  • Visit E-Visa for 14 days (to be applied online)

Eligibility can be quickly checked via the Bahrain government’s e-Visa website.

Bahrain’s new visa policy will allow nationals from over 100 countries to obtain a visa either online ahead of travel or on arrival.

Click to know countries eligible to apply for e-visas.

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