NRI feeds hungry street kids, gets surprised by restaurant bill

This post was originally published on 27 January 2016.

It is not often we come across people making kind gestures, especially to the underprivileged. However, a Dubai based NRI was overwhelmed to receive a greater reciprocal from a restaurant waiter.

A Dubai based Indian has become an overnight celebrity after a Facebook recollection of a three-year-old gesture he made in his hometown has gone viral.

Akhilesh Kumar, who works as a senior technical sales engineer at Power Solution Industries LLC, says he never imagined that a Facebook post would make such a huge impact and receive international attention.

The heart-touching incident

The original post written on 6th January 2016 shares the incident as a third person narrative.
According to the post, Kumar, a native of Tiruvalla, was visiting Malappuram for a conference when he stopped by a small restaurant.

But just when his dinner order arrived, he noticed two pairs of eyes fixed on his plate from outside the restaurant window.

He invited the two youth – a ragpicker boy and his sister – to join him and ordered parathas (Indian bread) and chicken curry for them.

The duo gladly agreed, had their meal and left without saying a word.

The bigger surprise

An overwhelmed Kumar said he received another surprise that evening when he asked for the bill. The slip he was given did not have any amount on it.

Instead there was message which read:

“We don’t have a machine to bill humanity. May good happen to you!”

According to Kumar, the incident actually took place in 2013 but came to light after his post was shared by a group called Right Thinkers and since then has gone viral.

The story has received thousands of online shares and has been published in international newspapers.

The telephone number on the bill had led many to trace it to Hotel Sabrina in Malappuram district of Kerala.

But Kumar said, “Honestly, I don’t even remember which hotel I visited. It was a very small place and I even forgot to ask the name of the person at the bill counter. I had just thanked him and left on that day.”

Hotel Sabrina’s owner says if the incident did occur he couldn’t take credit for it.

He added that he didn’t know whether some staff member at his restaurant waived the bill and if that was the case, that person no longer works at the restaurant.

Is it a true incident?

However, some argue that the viral image of the bill is not a real one, but created to illustrate the story.

According to Times of India, Kumar acknowledges that some parts of his post were untrue but that the actual incident did occur.

Kumar’s version is that he lost that restaurant bill so he used one he found on Google and wrote the hotel’s message on it verbatim, TOI says.

In spite of all the debates about the truth in the incident, the message stands tall and clear: “We don’t have a machine to bill humanity. May good happen to you!”

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