NRI woman on 32000 km, 32 countries road trip from UK to India

Mother of two, Bharulata Kamble has set off on the 32 countries transcontinental solo drive from the UK to India which she called – The Gift of Life Drive.

Bharulatha, Indian by birth based in United Kingdom, is currently driving solo without any back up team, crew or back up vehicle through 32 countries.

She’s not only hoping for a place in the record books but also wants to show indian girls in rural areas just what women can achieve.

She began her journey from Luton in the UK at the end of August this year.

She has now travelled across France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Bharulatha entered the Arctic Circle on September 23 at Rovaneimi in Finland and drove 700 km per day for the next four days to set the record of a 2,792 km drive in the region braving both the cold and barren landscape.

This journey through the arctic circle has made Bharulatha as the first woman in the world to drive solo across the Arctic Circle.

She also managed to get special permission, to go up to the 307mt high cliff of Nordkapp, where she unfurled the Indian tricolour along with the Union Jack.

“The drive was scary for a variety of reasons, including being the only driver on certain patches of road. Most of the time, the road had a high cliff on one side and a steep drop to the Arctic Ocean on the other. It was dark and chilly,” she has stated.

Highlighting one such time when she was alone at a milestone along the way, she posted a selfie on her blog as no one was around to take her picture.

Some of the countries ahead of her now are Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Myanmar, and India.

She will travel 32,000 kms in her SUV and expects to end her journey at her husband’s hometown in Mahad, 140 kms from Pune sometime in early November.

Bharulata is entrusting the journey to her BMW X3, and is confident it will stand up to the tough rigours of the trip.

She will enter India from the Imphal border, and will drive towards Delhi and other states, reaching Maharashtra via Gujarat and Rajasthan. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will welcome her on arrival.

The mother of two sons aged 8 and 11, the entire expedition has been sponsored by her surgeon husband while the donations she collects along the route will be donated to two UK based charities and two in India.

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