Ooredoo advances 20 places in the global Internet speed index

Doha based telecommunications provider Ooredoo Qatar announced that it has advanced 20 places in the latest Speedtest Global Index in domestic internet speed tests, leading ahead of major telecommunications companies in the region and in countries such as Australia and the UK.

The average test speed of Ooredoo home service provider has risen up to 70 Mbps. The network speed provided by the telecommunications company has been increased five times with the aim of hike in home-based internet speed since February this year.

Ooredoo ensures unlimited home Internet service with world-class speeds of up to 10 Gbps, providing the fastest Internet service for every home in Qatar, and setting the international standards in this regards.

Mr. Waleed Al Sayed, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, praised Ooredoo Qatar’s continuous efforts and keenness in providing high-speed Internet services throughout the country and also in other regions. This announcement has rapidly increased people’s demand for Ooredoo’s comprehensive package namely ‘Ooredoo ONE Service’ an all-inclusive package that provides everything a family needs to connect with.

The latest announcement has come in the report issued by the American Speed Test Foundation (Ookla), which compares the Internet speeds around the world. According to Ookla, the index incorporates feedback from millions of Internet users around the world.

Ooredoo ONE offers its customers high-speed home Internet, smart wi-fi, extensive Internet coverage and great entertainment for the whole family in one package. Ooredoo’s ongoing commitment and investment in Qatar’s only fiber-optic network infrastructure, the company ensures unlimited home Internet service with world-class speeds of up to 10Gbps, providing the fastest Internet service for every home in Qatar.

Ooredoo’s vision in of enriching the lives of its customers, and its belief in its ability to stimulate human development through communications, help its customers to achieve their maximum aspirations. It is noteworthy to mention here that the state of Qatar ranked number one in the world for mobile speeds, according to the Ookla Speed Test Index last year.

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