Over 307,000 students return to school on Wednesday

More than 307,000 students will return to school on Wednesday, after the Ministry of Education and Higher Education completed its preparation for the new academic year 2018-2019.

The preparations involved ensuring the schools will take up the new number of students, that transportation is available, and that the food products offered in the school cafeterias are in line with regulations.

The ministry also signed a total of 711 teachers, bringing the total in public schools to 13,440, compared to 13,591 in private schools.

The ministry added a total of 5,065 seats, by opening new schools in preparation for the new academic year.

It also assigned a total of 2,117 buses to different schools, each according to its location.
The ministry also co-ordinated with the Traffic Department to ensure the safety of the buses, transportation, and schools in general.

The ministry will continue implementing its 2017-2022 strategy, which aims to transform the economy to a world-class level to help realise Qatar National Vision 2030, while maintaining the culture and traditions of the Qatari society.

As part of that strategy, the ministry will continue to hold workshops and projects to improve the quality of education.

One of those programmes focuses on raising the quality of early education, another is to better link education to the labour market.

There are also programmes to monitor and improve the skills of educators and school staff.
The ministry is working on developing the human and knowledge capital in the different educational stages.

It is also working on increasing the number of students enrolled in programs that serve the knowledge economy, increase number of enrolled students with scholarships on bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate levels to meet the needs of the job market and the national development priorities.

Published on 27 August 2018