Over 5,200 abandoned vehicles removed by Qatar MME


Qatar’s Committee for Removal of Abandoned Vehicles and the Department of Mechanical Equipment in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has launched a joint campaign to tackle the problem of abandoned cars.

In a statement to the media, Mr. Marzouq Al-Mesaifari, Assistant Director of Mechanical Equipment Department and Member of the Committee, informed that the campaign to remove abandoned cars started in late June with the Municipality of Doha, then Municipality of Al-Shahaniya and now has advanced to the Municipality of Al-Da’een.

Al-Mesaifari also stated that the campaign is aimed at maintaining the clean image of the districts by taking action against dirty vehicles that have been abandoned for so long. The total vehicles that have been removed since June has reached about 1,200. Altogether a total of 5,200 abandoned vehicles have been impounded since the beginning of this year.

Al-Mesaifari added that the municipalities would work with concerned authorities in the state to expand awareness programs among the public to not let their vehicles be vulnerable to such proceeding by the government mechanisms.

“The neglected cars are more often found in residential areas, busy public places, and near shopping complexes for a long time,” Al-Mesaifari told the media.

The campaign was also attended by Mohammed Faraj Al-Kubaisi, Assistant Director of Hygiene Department and Member of the Committee, Abdullah Al-Nuaimi, Director of Municipal Control Department, Mr. Ali Al-Humaidi, Head of Public Control Section, Al-Dhaayen Municipality, and a number of representatives of concerned authorities at the Ministry and the Internal Security Force (LKW).

“The joint committee for Removing Abandoned Vehicles since it was established in 2013 has removed and impounded 61,514 vehicles. Out of total impounded vehicles, 43,202 vehicles were shifted to Al Mashaf Yard and 18,312 to Mesaimeer (Abu Hamour) Yard,” Mr. Mohammed Faraj Al-Kubaisi said.

“There are certain proceeds in accordance with the neglected vehicles prior to taking into custody,” Al-Kubaisi said. The municipal inspector puts the notice label on the recognized vehicle and provides the vehicle owners grace period of three days to remove the cars themselves. If the vehicle is not removed at the end of this period, it is removed by the authorities and the owner of the vehicle will have to pay a fine of QR1000.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has allocated a new site for the collection of neglected cars in Al Mazroua area within the geographical boundaries of the Municipality of Umm Salal, which can accommodate 25,000-30,000 abandoned cars. The new site combines two other dumped vehicle collection points in the country  – Al Wakra and Mesaimeer.

Published on 5 August 2019

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