Passenger sues Emirates airline for having to sit next to obese man

An Italian lawyer is reportedly suing Dubai-based airline Emirates after having to “suffer” a nine-hour flight being sat next to an obese man.

Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from Padua in northern Italy, is demanding $3,079 in compensation which includes the cost of the flight from Cape Town to Dubai and $2,200 in damages, the UK’s Telegraph reported, citing Italian media.

Destro had asked if he could change seats a few hours into the flight because the overweight passenger next to him was taking up some of his seat space.

Emirates reportedly told him the plane was fully booked and did not offer compensation or an apology.

Mr Destro, who has previously worked for the Italian Consulate in South Africa, took a selfie at the time which showed the arm of the passenger apparently encroaching on his space.

He tweeted a photograph of himself sitting next to his unwanted travel companion, who he said listened to music, watched films, and slept.

Emirates has said it cannot respond directly to the comments since the litigation is pending.
The case is scheduled to be heard in Italy on Oct. 30.

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