Passport no longer required for RP renewal

Expats applying for Residency Permits (RPs) for the first time are required to submit their passports along with the required forms, but for renewal there is no need to submit the passport unless changes have been made to it.

This was revealed during a meeting organised by the General Directorate of Nationality, Borders and Expatriate Affairs (GDNBEA) at the Ministry of Interior to brief the officials from different companies about the procedures required for issuance of new residency permits (RPs) for expat workers.

The MOI has started issuing the new Residency Permits (RPs) since June 15.

Renewal for family RP

“If a resident wants to renew the RPs for his children or wife, he will be able to do so either by going to the self-service devices located in some shopping malls or through Metrash2, the MOI’s website or Hukoomi’s website,” Capt. Abdullah Khalifa Al Mohannadi from the technical office of the GDNBEA said.

RP card can be delivered at the resident’s place by postal service if he asks for it, which means the RP card will be renewed without the person going to the service centre again.

Renewal for employee RP

The institutions can submit RP renewal applications online or through the self-service devices, or through MOI’s website or Hukoomi’s website. The cards will be printed and sent to the concerned person or party.

Capt. Mohannadi reaffirmed that the new card will replace the RP sticker in the passport and it will also contain all personal information about the holder. The documents needed are the same required for the issuance of the RPs.

Cards for children

Explaining how a new RP card would be issued to children included in their father’s passport, he said,”The normal RP card will be issued to kids under the age of 16. The child signature is not required on the card.”

Expats should always carry the RP card and show it whenever asked by competent authorities since it will act both as an ID card and RP card.

Capt. Mohannadi said the new card is the only document that proves the person holds a valid RP in Qatar and it should be shown at airports, ports, airlines, and when requested by the competent authorities.

Delivery by Q-Post

He said there’s a need to update the accommodation addresses at the Qatar Postal Services Company (Q-POST) for having the cards delivered by post.

Khalid Jassim al Emadi, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales at the Q-POST, said the Q-POST’s plan in delivering the cards will depend on Inwani ‘my address’ service.

The applicant will receive a call from the Q-POST to locate his place. Q-POST will reach him in less than 24 hours if he is living in Doha and in 48 hours if he is living outside of Doha. He pointed out that reaching the client on time depends on the correct address provided.

The address should be the same as the one written on the blue board fixed to the buildings with street and building number and area, he added.

Emadi said the client can either come to the Q-POST’s headquarters after paying a nominal fee online where he must attend to receive the RP card along with his original supporting documents from the Q-POST or the Q-POST will receive the RP from the GDNBEA then deliver it to the client.

Source : Qatar Tribune

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