Pedestrians breaking traffic rules in Qatar will be fined from 1 August


Qatar’s Ministry of Interior will start recording violations of traffic rules by pedestrians from 1 August 2019 and will start imposing fines in a move to “preserve lives and strengthen discipline in the streets.”

Three types of penalties

As per the traffic law, there will be three types of penalties:

1) In case the pedestrian is walking on the median (middle of the carriageway) or not using pavements (sidewalk) where available or not walking on the far edge of carriageway opposite the direction of traffic in the absence of pavements, they will face a fine of QR 100.

2) If the pedestrians are not taking the required precautions or not using designated areas to cross the road, the fine will be QR200.

3) If the pedestrian doesn’t follow traffic signals while crossing the road at the intersection and when traffic police allow vehicles to move, the fine will be QR 500.

Similarly QR 500 will be charged if any-one breaks through military parades and processions.

Plan to reduce pedestrian accidents

In an integrated vision to offer a safe passage for pedestrians, Qatar has embarked on its comprehensive pedestrian crossing plan to reduce the mortality of run-over accidents. This plan is one of the components of the integrated transport system for 2030.

Qatar has achieved remarkable successes in traffic safety winning international accolades and awards, especially with regard to reducing road accident mortality, which fell from 16.6 deaths per 100,000 in 2006 to 4.9 cases per 100,000 last year and is lower than the 2022 National Road Safety Strategy goal.

Although the death percentage from run-over accidents in Qatar declined over the past years, it remains high compared to the significant reduction in the overall rate of road deaths.

The plan takes into consideration the rights of all road users, including motorists, cyclists and people with special needs, which contributes to the preservation and safety of lives and property and, most importantly, the development of a safe movement of pedestrians.

Published on 31 July 2019


  1. Really appreciate doing this things to for people it will reduce traffic violation and reduce accident ancients. If pedestrian will be in local road it will be very good. For the workers.

  2. Muhammad Muslim on

    This is a great move towards the safety of the people. There should be instructions boards or educational boards at place to educate the pedestrians.

  3. Mervin Castro on

    Education is critical here. As most expats in the gulf knows a few rules especially that they are not used to taking roads in their country.. Some live in not developed areas. Another thing is & most important to look at to is the availability of walkways.. We understand that qatar has to progress but all the constructions are hindering pedestrians to use designated walkways. Not all expats can avail to use taxis..that’s why they are taking the easiest or nearest way to where they need to go. Imagine in this weather walking from 1 signal to the next to get where they need to go is so gruesome. I hope the government plans to build overpasses to ensure more safety if that is what they are looking for. This is just my opinion and based on my experience.

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