Qatar Airways cautions jobseekers against fake job offers


Qatar Airways has warned prospective employees of fake employment emails and advertisements purportedly showing that it is from the airline.

The award-winning airline clarified in a statement that “all job postings for Qatar Airways are only available on the Qatar Airways official website and official social media channels.”

Qatar Airways also cautioned jobseekers to verify the mails they get and some unauthorised employment agencies even ask for money to proceed.

The airline stressed in the statement that “Qatar Airways does not request payment from candidates during the recruitment process.”

One of the leading airlines in the world, Qatar Airways recruits thousands of employee from around the world. A job with the airline is a sought after opportunity for many and miscreants are taking advantage of this. All jobseekers should check where the mail is coming from and verify the source before divulging personal information.

“All emails relating to employment opportunities will only be sent from a verified Qatar Airways email address ( or,” the airline clarified.

Sometime back they had also issues a warning about scams promoting discounted tickets.

If you suspect that you are being scammed, contact Qatar Airways on

Published on 21 November 2018

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