Qatar Airways to ship essential medical supplies to India free of charge


 Qatar Airways is supporting international efforts to tackle the second COVID-19 surge in India by shipping medical aid and equipment to the country free of charge from global suppliers. The airline intends to transport 300 tonnes of aid from across its global network to Doha where it will be flown in a three-flight cargo aircraft convoy directly to destinations in India where it is most desperately needed.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, H E Akbar Al Baker said: “The State of Qatar has a long and special relationship with India, and we have watched with great sorrow as COVID-19 has once again caused a significant challenge to the country.

“As one of the world air cargo leaders, with an extensive international network, we stand ready to provide humanitarian support by transporting these much-needed supplies, and help the country fight back against this appalling virus. Qatar Airways Cargo has already transported well over 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for UNICEF as part of the five-year MoU to support UNICEF’s Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative.”

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The cargo shipment will include PPE equipment, oxygen canisters and other essential medical items, and consists of donations by individuals and companies around the world in addition to existing cargo orders.

Qatar Airways has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19 and in the early stages of the pandemic, provided similar aid flights to China, shipping supplies to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai in February 2020.  

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