Qatar driving licence can be renewed or replaced via Metrash2 : MoI


Motorists in Qatar can renew their driving licence through Metrash 2, the mobile application of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

According to a tweet from MoI, the renewal fee of QR250 can be paid online and the applicant can have the licence delivered at his doorstep by Q-Post by paying an additional fee of QR20.

Motorists can also apply for a new licence to replace the damaged one through Metrash 2 using the same procedures, which have been explained by the MoI on the popular social media platform.

Recently, the ministry has added three important visa-related services to its online platform, allowing residents to avail of them without visiting a services centre of the ministry.

Expatriates seeking a ‘return visa’ for people under personal sponsorship who have stayed out of the country for more than six months can also apply through Metrash 2 or the ministry’s website.

  • Passport details of a foreigner can be modified online if the person holds a valid entry visa to Qatar and his passport has been lost or damaged.
  • In case of expatriates holding two visas — one existing and another new— it is possible to close one and open the other online using Metrash 2 or the ministry’s e-services, after paying service charges.

The Traffic Department at the ministry, meanwhile, extended its offer of 50 percent cut in traffic-related fines for another three months, sources said. The offer ends on July 7 instead of April 7.

Motorists can enjoy the privilege even in case of certain violations committed this year if they pay up the fines within one month after the date of violation, as per the amended traffic law.

The law which came into force this January 1 has reduced the fines for certain violations that are on the conciliation list by 50 percent if paid within 30 days.

The rule, however, does not apply to overtaking from the right side and parking on slots reserved for persons with special needs, in addition to overweight trucks.

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