Qatar Driving License: Rules Relaxed for GCC Licence Holders From Some Countries

This post was originally published on 27 March 2016 and the content may be outdated.

Expatriates holding driver’s licence from other GCC states can go directly for a road test to be eligible to obtain a Qatari driver’s licence, The Peninsula has reported.

However, this privilege is only available to licence-holders from the US and some European countries as well, said a senior official of a driving school.

For the road test, an aspirant is given only two chances to clear it. The old rule which allowed licence-holders from other GCC countries to get their licences directly converted into Qatari licence is done away with.

Rule not applicable to countries like India

The rule regarding driving licenses from countries other than those cited above hasn’t changed.

One must join a learner’s course at a driving school and take the full test if he holds driver’s license from one of such countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, for instance.

More demand for heavy vehicle licenses

Also, the demand for heavy vehicle licenses is much more than those for light vehicles due to the fact that so many infrastructure development projects are going on in the country and they need more and more heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery.

Giving an idea, Adel Salem, manager of Al Rayah Driving School, said his school received some 40 to 60 requests for admission on an average daily and a vast majority were for heavy vehicle training and licence.
Talking of the pass percentage, he said it was roughly 70 per cent in respect of both, heavy and light vehicles.

Computer test for traffic signs and rules

About the computer test which assesses a learner’s knowledge of traffic signs and rules, Salem said one could take the tests until one cleared it.

However, after one fails the fourth time an interpreter is made available to him. Currently, interpreters are available for several languages, including English, Urdu and Hindi. Clearing the computer test is a must to be eligible for ‘L’, parking and road tests.

“The new training system ensures that people are more aware of road safety rules and the traffic law in general,” said Salem.

The new curriculum of the driving schools is extensive and puts emphasis on promoting the culture of safe driving among learners.

“Especially as you are told about the common mistakes motorists make, and then you are explained in detail the traffic law, as said earlier,” said Salem.

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  1. I have heavy licence now new rule change profession not eligible. I need light vehicle licence solution?????

  2. Qatari laws!, what in gods name are they doing?, as an expat I now have to take the test again after driving for 20 years , my driving is 10 x better than some crazy jeep driving qataris!….i feel for all the people who are not allowed because of their occupation!!!!….one law for countrymen, one law for everone else.

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