Qatar has enough food stocks for 12 months, says Chamber


Qatar has stocks of food and other consumer goods which is enough for next 12 months, said Chairman of Qatar Chamber (QC), Shiekh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani.

Over 95 percent of Qatari imports come through the air and sea, and the Qatari private sector has contracts with suppliers in many countries and able to provide with the needs in competitive prices, Sheikh Khalifa said.

Meeting with 40 major food suppliers

Qatar Chamber held a meeting which was attended by more than 40 major food supplies importer companies, The Peninsula reported.

The meeting has come as part of the Qatar Chamber’s efforts to facilitate any procedures related to food consumer goods in light of the latest development of severance of ties with neighbouring countries and border closure.

Agreements to ensure flow of food consumer goods

The meeting discussed the alternative sources for the importers, as many of these importers have already signed agreements with other partners to ensure flow of food consumer goods.

“The recent development has required the importers of food supplies from these three countries to sign contracts with other suppliers,” said QC yesterday in a press statement.

  • Attendees assured that they have enough strategic stock of food stuff and they have variety of sources, and the local market will not be affected and they are ready to put all their stocks under the State.

Food items are available enough in the market and there is no shortage, and the impact of this development will be negative for traders of those countries which have lost the Qatari market, while the Qatari importers have many other alternatives.

QC said that it is going to facilitate any difficulties being faced by importers in collaboration with the competent authorities.

Published on 7 June 2017

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