Qatar home invaded by snakes of different species

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The experience of having snakes in and around the house can be amongst the most dreadful dreams you can have. A family in northern Qatar is going through the same.

A house owner has claimed that he found his home behind Al Khisa Petrol Station, off Shamal Road, suddenly invaded by snakes of different species and colours, making him and his family members panic and fear for their lives.

“We are shocked to see so many snakes in the yard of my house. A large number of snakes in different colours and species attacked our house,” the house owner told local Arabic daily Al Raya.

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When he saw snakes in his house for the first time, he called the municipality to provide an appropriate solution to curb the spread of snakes. But so far efforts of the municipality have not borne fruit.

“So I have taken the matter in my hand and killed a lot of snakes. Now it has become like a job for me to look for snakes in their possible hideouts and get rid of them,” he says.

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