Qatar is the world’s safest country in terms of natural disasters: Report

Qatar is the safest country in the world in terms of its exposure to natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, according to a recently published World Risk Report 2015.

The report compiled by the United Nations University for Environment and Human Security examined 173 countries.

Qatar with a disaster risk index of 0.1 has a very low exposure to earthquakes, storms, floods or rising sea levels.

Qatar is followed by Malta with a disaster risk index of 0.61 and Barbados (1.16). Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are the two other GCC countries to figure in the top ten list.

The report also takes into account how well prepared each country is to deal with a disaster.

“Risk is at its highest where a high level of exposure to natural hazards coincides with very vulnerable societies,” the report said.

It rates the island of Vanuatu in the Pacific as the most dangerous place in the world followed by Tonga and the Philippines with very high exposure to natural disasters and high social vulnerability.

Europe with the exception of the Netherlands, Albania and Serbia is largely free from risk, as is the US and Canada.

Source : Qatar Tribune

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