Qatar MoI clarifies requirements for family visa


Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) has listed out the eligibility requirements for expatriates to obtain family visa.

Sharing information about the documents required for applying for a family visa in Qatar on their website, the MoI on Sunday said: “Law No. 4/2009 that regulates the exit, entry and residence of expatriates in the country, permits foreign workers to bring in their families on residence visas, provided that they meet the following requirements and conditions”.

The first requirement is that the applicant shall have a valid residence permit in the country.

Salary requirements

Private sector employees should have technical or specialised (non-labour) professions and a minimum salary of QR 10,000 to be eligible for family visa.

Those who have a minimum salary of QR 7000 can also apply provided they are given free family accommodation by their employer.

Other requirements

The applicant has to produce the marriage certificate attested by the competent authorities as required.

Government and semi-government employees have to submit the proof of family housing provided by their employer, or they have to produce the employment contract that specifically mentions family housing allowance will be provided. 

Besides, they have to produce an official letter confirming their profession and salary.

Private sector employees have to produce a six-month bank statement from one of the accredited banks in the country as proof of their salary being credited to their accounts every month. 

They are required to submit notarised employment contract and copies of educational certificates to prove their profession.

Visa for other family members

In Qatar family visas are generally issued for immediate family members like spouses and children. Parents and other relatives can be brought in on visit visas.

While male children aged 25 years and above are not eligible to be on either parent’s sponsorship, there is no age restriction for daughters, as long as they are not married. Competent authorities may waive these provisions in deserving cases.

Sponsoring domestic workers

In a recent post, the MoI has also specified the requirements for recruiting domestic workers. The first thing in such a case is to prove the need for a domestic help.

The number of people who are being recruited shall be appropriate for the number of family members. While considering the application, authorities may look into the health condition of the applicant to evaluate the need for such employment.

The applicant is expected to prove his ability to meet the financial obligations that would arise from employing household workers.

For recruiting agricultural workers, the permission will be given based on the size of the farm and the type of activity that will be conducted (like cultivating vegetables and fruits or raising livestock). A letter from the authority concerned has to be presented to substantiate the claim.


  1. hi,
    4 months before i chnged my company and transfer the visa with same profession Telecom technician.
    This profession is not eligible for the Driving licence. now i want to change my prfession to General Supervisor which is eligible for applying DL. My queries are,

    1) can I apply for profession change before six months after changing sponsor?
    2) is there any salary minimum requirement for general supervisor? now im getting 6500.00 to 9000.00 qar.

    3) my new company labor contact already made. the profession mentioned as Telecom Technician.
    So again I need to make new labor contract with general supervisor?

    and what else I need to prepare for these task.

    please reply me who have more knowledge about this matter…

    Thanks in advance


  2. Good morning!.
    Happy advance new Year to all.
    How to bring married daughter with 2 grand children in family visit visa to qatar. (along with my wife too)
    Kindly do clarify the requirement please.


  3. sachin laxman pawar on

    Dear sir ,
    Am working in Qatar from 8 month on engineer visa.I have Qatar ID and my salary is 5700Qr.
    Sir, I want to bring my wife to qatar on family visit visa so, plz let me know which documents is needed for her .

    Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Thanks ans regards
    Sachin pawar

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