Qatar Emir Approves New Sponsorship Law

Qatar Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani on Tuesday issued Law No. 21 of 2015 on the regulation of the entry and exit of expatriates and their residency.  The law is more commonly known as the new sponsorship law.

Al Sharq has published the full text in Arabic. Here are the major points as translated by Doha News :

Exit Permits

  • Expats who wish to leave the country must inform the Ministry of Interior at least three business days before their exit.
  • The MOI would then wait for the sponsor’s approval or objection before permitting the exit.
  • Other than this (any objections), the employee can leave the country once their employer informs the ministry of their approval that they can go on holiday.
  • If the sponsor objects to their exit, expats can petition an MOI-sanctioned committee.
  • In the event of an emergency, the grievance committee would handle the petition within no more than three business days.

Change of jobs

  • After a fixed-term contract is up, an expat would not have to leave the country before changing jobs.
  • An expat can change jobs before his contract ends if he obtains permission from his sponsor, the MOI and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA).
  • An expat can change jobs if his contract has already ended if he gets the approval of MOI and MOLSA.
  • In the case of expats with open-ended contracts, they can seek this approval after five years with their initial job.
  • An expat can also move to another sponsor – with the approval of MOI and MOLSA – if the sponsor is dead or the company no longer exists for any reason.

The legislation does not use the word kafeel (sponsor), instead referring to the employer as “the person who licensed you to come into the country.”

All concerned authorities, each in their capacity, are to implement the law and it will be applicable one year after its date of publication in the official gazette.

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  1. I am jamil Khan from Uae my home country pakistan i want open one company in Qatar then what procedures to bring employees from Pakistan please inform me thanks

  2. Hi,
    How long a resident of Qatar can stay out of Qatar? Is it possible to avoid cancellation of RP if one can’t report back in Qatar before any given deadline?

  3. So basically not muchhas changed!!! Still need employers permission to exit the country, and changing jobs requires that the government (and by association your sponsor), still have to approve. Best of all, it will be another YEAR before it comes into law. Complete con by the Qatar government..

  4. Hi i am Rashid I come in qat22/3/2013 then after 2 years I transfer my visa in another company. now after 1 year I can transfer my visa again. .pls tell. ..

  5. Hi my name is srinivas, I am working in an company since 2009 to still now. Can I chenge my job to another company plz tell me.

  6. What about the present rule of 2 Years ban to come again to Qatar ?
    If any body leaves the job without finishing contract, after how many months or years he can come again to another company ???

  7. Yatinkumar Nadar

    If i am working for any company without sponsor NOC can we change the job? If contract period is completed…

    1. Hi Yatin, It is possible to change once you complete contract period, but this new law is not applicable yet. It would be only valid after 1 year of publishing in official gazette.

  8. olusegun Olumekun

    Good 2 hear about your order and the notification concerns d’s.
    For instance,
    Some one call me for work with salary nagosiation next is pammision I request from him in the name of company.
    An told me that his sponsor is on vacation , should start work till come after all set have done, his back from vacation one month back call me that he going to give me the money now for the passed three weeks now no want to give me the money.
    What s my evedence put it in writing as a written formed.
    What is ur advance on this issue now just two months salary,
    I surgest to inform government frog with by using another different company name.

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