Qatar’s rainy season to begin on October 16 and last for 52 days

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Qatar’s rainy season, locally known as Al Wasmi, will begin on October 16 and last for 52 days, Qatar Meteorology department has said in a statement.

According to latest seasonal forecasts, rainfall is expected to be around the average levels from now until December in Qatar and the Gulf region in general.

During this season, the maximum temperature in Doha will decrease gradually to be below 35C, while the minimum will drop to about 20C.

Overall, mild temperature is experienced during the day and it becomes relatively cold at night, especially under the influence of dry northwesterly winds.

Clouds move from the west to east this time of the year and rainfall at the beginning of this period is usually an indication of a good rainy season, the statement added.

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On a cautionary note, the Met department has said flu and other diseases are common during this transitional period.

Accordingly, the country’s health authorities recommend the use of flu vaccination, staying at home for 24 hours after recovering from fever, washing hands regularly and avoiding direct contact with ailing people – with the elderly, children and pregnant women required to be particularly careful in this regard.

Published on 11 October 2017

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