Qatar Residents Can Print ‘Exceptional Return Permit’

As part of the travel and return procedures, Qatar residents exiting the country can print ‘exceptional return permit’ instantly from the Ministry of Interior website as soon as their exit movement is registered.

This facility is in force since November 29, 2020. This service is not available for residents who are already outside the country, or those who left the country before the mentioned date, as they are still required to apply for an exceptional return permit through the Qatar Portal, the Ministry of Interior said on its official Twitter account.

Earlier the Government Communications Office (GCO) had announced that residents who are currently in Qatar and wish to travel and return to the country, will automatically receive an Exceptional Entry Permit upon departure with effect from November 29.

The resident or their employer will be able to print out the Exceptional Entry Permit from the Ministry of Interior’s website at any point after the resident has departed Qatar.

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Requests will no longer need to be submitted through the Qatar Portal website. The permit will be available automatically upon registration of the resident’s departure from Qatar.

The automatic Exceptional Entry Permit service will not be available for residents who were outside Qatar prior to November 29. They are still required to obtain the exceptional return permit via the Qatar Portal website if they wish to return to Qatar.

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