Qatar starts issuing new Residence Cards to expatriates

Qatar yesterday began issuing sticker-free Residency Permit (RP) to expatriates and their families. RPs are not being stamped on people’s passports any more. They are rather being issued new ID that bear more details about the holder than before and they are now known as Residence Cards.

Advantages of the new system

“The new Residence Card holds several security features that should not be tampered and cannot be faked as well as it carries data of the card holder,” said Brigadier Mohamed Saleh al-Kuwari, Head of the Residence Division at GDNBEA (General Directorate of Nationality, Border and Expatriate Affairs).
“The advantages of the new system include speedy completion of transactions because passports are not needed for sticker printing,”  he explained.

Delivery through Q-Post

The official was of the view that the number of customers visiting the GDNBEA service centres will decrease dramatically as they could renew the RP online and choose the delivery service through Q-Post.
He added that the General Directorate of Nationality and Expatriates Affairs and the Q-Post work in cooperation to deliver the cards through mail to the customers.
For this the customer should use electronic system, and choose the delivery service through the post-office. Once the fee is paid, the card will be handed to the postal officer who will deliver the card to the concerned person.

Almost 4,000-8,000 cards will be delivered daily to companies and individuals. The agreement is similar to the one Q-Post has with the General Directorate of Traffic to deliver driving licences and vehicle registration cards processed through Metrash2 service.

The cards are delivered within 24 hours inside Doha and 48 hours elsewhere in Qatar at present.

Lost and Damaged cards

  • In case of any damage to the residence card, it should be surrendered for reissue with the same fees.
  • If the card is lost while the holder is abroad, a lost report should be published, the authority concerned abroad informed and the relevant documents brought to Qatar to issue a new card. The person will be granted a return visa through the request of the employer.
  • If the card is lost inside Qatar, a new card will be issued once the loss is reported to the authority concerned.
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  1. Prem Ballabh Naugain

    I came to Doha under sponsorship of Midmac Contract Company WLL, Doha, Qatar, on 26th December 2010. Therefore my Qatari ID is renewed in December every year. Will the Residency Cards be issued to all irrespective of their entry in Qatar or will be issued only when the RP expires.

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