Qatar to grow 16000 trees for World Cup, using recycled water


Qatar is on course to grow 16,000 trees for the 2022 football World Cup to plant around
stadiums as part of the tournament’s legacy, organisers announced yesterday.

The trees will be grown at an 880,000-square metre nursery in the northern part of Qatar, then
replanted close to the football stadiums in the run-up to the tournament in six years’ time.

More than 60 types of trees will be used, most prominently the Sidra, which has grown in the
harsh Qatari desert for many generations, but also Ficus and Acacia.

Ambitious project

“This is a very ambitious project that we see as legacy,” said Yasser Al-Mulla of the Supreme
Committee for Delivery and Legacy, the body overseeing organisation of the tournament in

“We want to cater to all the areas surrounding all proposed 2022 Fifa World Cup
stadiums,” he said.

Water will be supplied by a sewage treatment site close to the nursery in Al-Shamal.

Al-Mulla explained that the nursery will supply grass, trees and shrubs to the contractors building the surrounding area for the different sites, ensuring that the communities around the stadiums have a green space for recreational activities:

The entire perimeter of the site will be planted with trees that will be elevated to serve as windbreakers.

A section of 30,000sqm will be dedicated to growing approximately 16,000 trees and another area will be used for transplanted trees with space for approximately 3,000 trees.

Although there has been no final announcement from Fifa, it is expected that eight venues will
be used to host the tournament.

It is the latest non-football initiative to be announced by World Cup organisers in Qatar. Previously Qatar had announced that fans could be housed in Bedouin-style desert camps and as many as 12,000 could also stay on cruise ships during football’s first World Cup in the Middle East.

- Published on 2 November 2016 - With inputs from AFP & Gulf Times

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